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Dee Wingfield
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"Building & Inspiring Lives Through The Most High"


I am So Proud of you for Taking the First Step of Seeking a Change in your Life! Every morning we open our eyes we have another chance to walk into our Destiny. We have another chance to make a difference in Our Lives. Lets Learn to change our way of Thinking and our Approach on Life!!

What is Life Coaching?

Why Hire Dee As Your Life Coach?

What is the Next Step for Change?

Life Coaching is a collaborative alliance between Coach and Client where the coaching relationship continually gives all the power back to you, THE Client.
If you Are Ready For a Change & Up for the Challenge.....
As your Life Coach I will Help you to Discover:
1. What it is that Your Goal that you want to Accomplish. 
2. How you can Reach that Goal.
3. Uncover how you will commit to making that Goal happen.
4. How you will know when you have succeeded in completing that Goal.
The Great News is... You Already made the First Step :-)
The Next Step would be to Contact me to Schedule your Free Consultation!!