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Terms of Use & Privacy Policy

  • The rights of the Clients are to be the first consideration. Dee should not use the Sessions as opportunities to work on personal issues. Dee should be the model of spiritual and emotional health.
  • If Dee is unable to maintain this concept then she should move quickly to referral of the client to another professional.
  • Dee must make every effort to refrain from dual relationships & must avoid initiating or reciprocating advances towards creating a secondary relationship with the client. 
  • A therapeutic relationship with family and friends should be avoided.  A referral may be made to ensure proper relationship is maintained.
  • Dee must be qualified to coach/counsel and professionally trained in the areas where she is providing ministerial service. 
  • Sharing scripture and being led by God’s spirit while in session maybe used but it is not sufficient to be deemed as a Certified professional coach.
  • Dee should be in tune with her limitations & should not try to initiate coaching/counseling to those she is untrained to help. 
  • All communication between the Dee and her client is confidential and will not be disclosed to anyone, unless it involves potential harm to human life, violates the law, or written consent has been given.
  • At no time will the Dee enter into a romantic or sexually intimate relationship with a client.

After, you have read and agreed to Terms of Use & Privacy Policy. Please download the Intake Form, Informed Consent Form & Questionaire Form . Please Complete all Three Forms before First Session.

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